Great House Collection

Great House Collection The Great House Collection is inspired by the grand plantation Great Houses in the Caribbean (circa. 1694-1880).  Dominating each sugar estate was a palatial house owned by the proprietor of the estate.  These houses were built in the style of the five European powers that colonized the Caribbean of that period, England, France, Spain, Holland and Denmark. The English plantation owners developed a “Caribbean Georgian style” fashioned on the formal designs in the mother country as visible evidence of their vast wealth with original stonework shipped from England, furnished with Georgian mahogany furniture, fine paintings, chandeliers and beautiful china. Lavish entertaining was an integral part of the fabric of life at these plantation Great Houses. 

Inspired by the elegant entertaining and luxurious lifestyle at these historic Great Houses, I have created the Great House Bone China collection which comprises coffee cup and saucer, milk jug, sugar bowl, cream jug and six inches plates.    The china is decorated with the Jamaican Coat of Arms which displays a female and male member of the indigenious Taino Amerindians tribe flanking a shield that bears a cross with five pineapples.  Above the shield is a Jamaican crocodile mounted on the royal helmet of the British monarchy and mantling.  The Jamaican national motto “Out of Many One People” heralds the population’s multiracial roots.

Great House Fine Bone China Collection

Great House Fine Bone China Collection
Great House Fine Bone China Collection
Great House Fine Bone China Collection
Great House Fine Bone China Collection