Lignum vitae Flower 6” tea plate

REF: lig-07
This pretty and elegant Lignum vitae Flower 6” tea plate features hand-painted clusters of blue flowers of the Lignum vitae tree, the national flower of Jamaica and the national tree of The Bahamas.

Lignum vitae (Guiacum officinale) is Latin for “wood of life”. The short and compact evergreen tree is native to the Southern United States, South America & the Caribbean and grows in abundance around the coastal areas of Jamaica. It produces a profusion of fragrant blue flowers attracting clouds of butterflies and bees and the small yellow and orange berries are a source of food for many species of birds. The tough, dense wood was an important export crop to Europe in the 16th century and was the traditional wood used for the British Police truncheons. It is also used in the making of cricket bats and croquet mallets. The glorious Lignum vitae is well regarded for its medicinal properties with the leaves traditionally used to brew tea for a multitude of ailments. It is as enchanting as it is resourceful offering much in health and wellness.